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Corona came to visit

I struggled with fear of the unknown. Fear of the virus. Fear of the long term effects. It was like going on vacation after finding out a medical test was abnormal. It could be nothing, or it could be something serious and deadly. Not knowing kinda ruins the relaxation and fun of vacation.

My New Finish Line

The schools my kids attend closed on March 13th. I don’t remember exactly when the shelter in place order was given because it didn’t change much for us since everything at that point had been cancelled. That order expired yesterday. 48 days. We’re currently… Continue Reading “My New Finish Line”

Turning one marathon into fifty

Woman runs a 5k, doesn’t die, decides to sign up for another. Woman runs a 10k, doesn’t die and starts thinking about longer distances. Woman decides to run a marathon and figures a half marathon would be good to mix into training. She also… Continue Reading “Turning one marathon into fifty”