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I Thought I was Fit

So, my knee hurts. (Doc) Hubs says tendinitis. No running, cycling, squatting, etc. for at least a few days. Well, great then. What am I gonna do now? Yesterday, I did an all upper body weight lifting session. Usually, I do short, heavy, full… Continue Reading “I Thought I was Fit”

The Fit Friend

Do you ever wonder about your perception of yourself? Is it accurate? Do you see yourself better than others do? Or worse? Me? Well, I’m confused. It is not uncommon for someone I have recently spent time getting to know to comment that I’m… Continue Reading “The Fit Friend”

Train Dirty, Be Clean

I go to one of those chain gyms with hour long classes that rotate through stations. It’s a GOOD workout doing things I’m not likely to make myself do on my own. I like to run, stupid long and slow. I like to swim,… Continue Reading “Train Dirty, Be Clean”

Bye Felicia (Monday)

I passed a woman in the toilet paper isle at Target. After she caught me staring at her chest (reading) and smiling, she smiled back and then did the beauty queen/hand model motion from shoulder to shoulder before going about her day. Awkward is… Continue Reading “Bye Felicia (Monday)”

Food and Balance

  Sometimes my meals look like this. And, I feel very accomplished as a cook even though it’s probably one of the easier meals to cook. I mean, one pan steak and veggies cooked in the oven. I really don’t know how much easier… Continue Reading “Food and Balance”


I was pretty disappointed in 2017. It absolutely did NOT live up to its full potential. 2018, though, I’m making that sucker my year, y’all. My list of goals? Here they are. Keep the young humans alive. Stay married and refuse to consider murder… Continue Reading “Goals”

Musician Arrested

If you could choose any profession and know you would be successful, what would it be? Me? There are a few off the wall things floating around my head from childhood, like being an astronaut or a marine biologist. One dream was abandoned watching… Continue Reading “Musician Arrested”

Turning one marathon into fifty

Woman runs a 5k, doesn’t die, decides to sign up for another. Woman runs a 10k, doesn’t die and starts thinking about longer distances. Woman decides to run a marathon and figures a half marathon would be good to mix into training. She also… Continue Reading “Turning one marathon into fifty”

Helpful Tools or Instruments of Torture

My relationship with these objects is complicated. It is most definitely love/hate. I used a foam roller to recover from my anterior tibial tendinitis, and to maintain my life during marathon training. There is absolutely no way I would have survived dropping my kids… Continue Reading “Helpful Tools or Instruments of Torture”

Weird Food

They apparently contain more than 190 different bioactive compounds, and are one of the only known natural sources of omega-3’s, 6s and 9s in a single food. I HAD to try it.