About me

I love to run. I most love to run free through the woods surrounded by Georgia pines. As I type this I’m imagining Phoebe from Friends running through Central Park with her arms flailing like a “cross between the million dollar man and kermit the frog.” Maybe I should make one of those ‘what I think I look like running’ and ‘what I actually look like’ memes. Except I’m not sure how to keep from looking like Phoebe out on the trail descending one of those hills pretty much just controlling my fall, and I’m also pretty sure I don’t care. Anyway, I need a finish line to train for and a goal to seek or my personality morphs into something similar to either a bear preparing for hibernation eating everything I can get my hands on or an already hibernating bear resenting anyone who attempts to wake me from my slumber.

I love people. I love meeting people. I love learning from people. I love sharing with people. I’m shy and socially awkward, though, and my greatest source of anxiety comes from being around people. It’s complicated.

I’m an artist, designer, writer, and musician. I am most happy when I’m able to create and express myself through one of those outlets. Having three talented and active kids, writing seems to be the most accessible option out of those choices, the vent that keeps the entire machine from exploding.

I’ve been married for forever, or sixteen years, same thing. Our song (well, the one I think describes us the best) is But I Like You from Sesame Street. I would be Bert in this scenario, lentil soup and marching bands. He’s Ernie, bubble gum and rubber duckies. But, we both like hippos, that would be code for Disney, food destination vacations, and our kids. You get the gist.

I enjoy sharing my journey with whoever wants to follow along. Sometimes what I share helps someone, and that’s my entire reason for putting it out there. Also, so I don’t forget things. There’s that.

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