My New Finish Line

The schools my kids attend closed on March 13th. I don’t remember exactly when the shelter in place order was given because it didn’t change much for us since everything at that point had been cancelled. That order expired yesterday. 48 days. We’re currently out of quarantine, but I don’t feel like we’re truly safe yet. I feel a little like I’m holding my breath still.

The first two weeks were hard. I had no motivation to move much less homeschool my kids or take care of myself. I gained some mental clarity and energy as April rolled in, but all that’s gone now. I’m tired. I’m scared (my husband is in healthcare and high risk), and I’m trying to hold it all together.

Running has been my outlet. I ran 100 miles in April, my biggest total for a month in about 4 years. Physically, I feel fantastic. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I’m struggling. I am trying to look forward to putting it all together again and feeling physically, mentally and emotionally whole. Without an actual finish line to cross, that has become my new goal, my new finish line. If only it were a fixed one with a predetermined distance like the marathon I had planned to run in July. Without a better option, that finish line tape lies across the threshold of my front door when I can re-enter the world feeling whole and safe. Happy training to me.

And, happy training to you. I hope you’re able to set a goal and reach it during the difficult times we’re facing right now, even if that goal is to get out of bed, put on fresh clothes, eat a decent breakfast, or to call a friend and ask for help. I hope you can set the goal, crush the goal, and then set a new one all the way to the end of this crisis. I’m routing for you. Go grab that finish line!

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