Our current schedule is so tight I have two options for getting my workouts in:

1. Don’t

2. 5am

Both kinda suck, but the second one sucks less solely on the basis that the workout is still happening. And, it has happened. For a month now, I’ve been hitting all my workouts AND juggling our insane schedule. Big high five for me!

I am no longer struggling to finish. I am not hobbling around for days after. My body has adjusted to the new schedule, and I’m no longer tired all. the. time. Dare I say, I actually like it. There’s still that moment when the alarm goes off and I question just how important that workout is, but conquering that thought and pulling myself out of bed has been life changing. Action conquers more than just fear. It conquers that ‘meh’ voice in your head.

I haven’t quite managed to get my nutrition back on track just yet, though. Getting the workout in has been hard enough. Just thinking about planning + shopping + prepping + cooking + cleaning  x  infinity, it makes me more tired than the workout. That’s next, though. Now that I’ve figured out what I have to do to get the workouts in, i.e. wake up before the rooster is even dreaming about crowing, I’m attempting to formulate a plan to get my nutrition on track for September. If I can get both of these things going at the same time, I feel like I’ll be able to hit my goal of a year end marathon.

Nailing down the nutrition, I think will help me with all the early mornings, too. Caffeine tolerance is a real thing, and I think I’m reaching a point where it will no longer get me through. I think I would be frightened if I added up all the mg of caffeine I consume each day.

Less junk. More real food. Less sugar. More veggies. Less caffeine. More water. Less snoozing. More running.

Hopefully, by October, I’ll be up in the double digits for my runs, and I’ll have my diet dialed in to support the increase in mileage.

5am. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, really tried it. It can work.

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